EYN is a modern franchise organisation within the water sports sector.

Paul van Rijswijk owner of EYN International BV had years of international experience in the world of boating. All these experiences have been bundled into a cast-iron formula propagated by brokers who are extremely motivated. The franchisees are independent companies. The EYN Brokers.

EYN Yacht Brokers – our franchisees – broker all kinds of boats. Sailing boats, motorboats, sloops, speedboats etc. New, as well as used boats.
Our brokers are familiar with all aspects, due to the amount of training received, and work entirely independently and at extremely competitive commission rates.
As well as selling boats, EYN brokers also assist boat owners. Insurance, financing, services, moorings … Buying a boat involves a whole raft of matters. Fortunately, EYN brokers receive a considerable amount of training and they have the knowledge to fully support and assist customers.

Research has shown that the greatest niggles of (potential) customers include the following:

  • Never calling back
  • E-mails which remain unanswered
  • Brochures applied for but never received
  • High prices of boats, which are unjustified
  • Poor service; “guaranteed until the bridge”
  • Obscure and vague terms which many brokers employ
  • Vague contracts, different prices etc.

Thanks to the scripts designed especially for EYN, to which all EYN brokers are bound, EYN scores many times better than the competition. Not forgetting the PSP programme (Personal Support Program) regularly used to test brokers on their skills and knowledge, and the CRM software developed in house (Customer Relationship Management). This facilitates complying with agreed terms, and allows brokers to fully control their entire database. The EYN broker knows what is going on.

It is important that this philosophy is propagated by all EYN brokers. So proper checks and effective support ensure that the EYN formula is honoured.

  • Attention
  • Reliability
  • Competitive
  • Transparency