Selling your yacht through an EYN Yacht broker

  • Our brokers are well-trained and are au fait with the market. We are at your service.
  • We have the lowest commission rate in the EU: 2% exc. VAT (minimum commission € 3250 exc. VAT). Our competitors charge 6-10% exc. VAT. We can do so because we are a franchise organisation.
  • Another great saving is that all EYN brokers make use of the extremely professional back office in the EYN head office. All costs are shared, keeping them low, and keeping our operational processes streamlined.
  • We work with strict guidelines as far as presentation of your yacht is concerned. Clear and striking photographs.
  • Thanks to these savings, your yacht is always marketed at the best price. You pay low commission charges, keep a larger net amount, and your yacht is sold faster.
  • EYN organise active viewing days free of charge. Our EYN Yacht brokers regularly attend a number of fairs, possibly with your yacht.
  • Our entire EYN network is aware of your yacht. Particulars of your yacht are distributed to all EYN customers, at no extra charge.
  • We don’t sit back and wait, we actively approach potential customers. You will find us in harbours.
  • Financial transactions via the EYN Escrow Services foundation, safe as houses.
  • We work with the latest Internet technologies and e.g., one of the best Internet sites in the EU, which is only accessible by professional brokers.

In other words, we are business-oriented, and work in a professional manner, with competitive rates only.

The ABCD formula of the European Yachting Network:

  • Attention
  • Reliable
  • Competitive
  • Transparent

Our ABCD formula is our response to the weak points of our competitors:

  • Never calling back
  • Emails which are never answered
  • Brochures applied for and never sent
  • High prices for yachts which are not justified
  • Poor service … guaranteed to the bridge
  • Obscurity and vagueness with which many yacht brokers operate; vague contracts, differential pricing system etc.
  • Uncertain feeling when sending deposits or making payments
  • The list is endless…

T: +31(0)73 6313620
M: +31(0)6 15656546

We are happy to assist you!